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Take a perfectly serviceable bike….

In the workshop

In the workshop (Photo C Cahill)

Total concentration....

Total concentration.... (Photo C Cahill)

Serious overhauling....

Serious overhauling….

Six months to departure and what better way to mark it by taking a perfectly serviceable expedition bike – and pulling it apart… Irrational? Actually no, better to really understand exactly how it all fits together, and to do this in the relative comfort of CycleWales’ workshop in North Wales rather than attempting it for the first time in a tent in Kazakhstan… That’s the theory at least.

I have to admit that pulling a brand new custom built cycle apart with some pretty serious looking tools – like the one in the photo – does make me feel a little nervous, especially when the bike is worth rather more than my car.  To be fair, that’s probably more a reflection on the sort of cars I’ve driven over the years…


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