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Most things were verboten – prohibited – and there were laminated signs to remind you. Lots of them. Registration had been a testing experience. I was unsure as to whether the manager was being deliberately obstructive towards me because I was English, or if he was just as vague, dismissive and unhelpful to everyone. Seems he was.

I’d met the lady as she wandered about the establishment, searching for someone to ask if they had a room available for the night. I’d wished her luck. Later that evening, we’d both been shopping for something to eat. I had a salad but she had spagetti. There was a kitchen but a large laminated sign made it very clear that cooking food was verboten. And just in case anyone might be tempted to ignore this warning, anything that resembled a pot or pan had been removed. I joked that there was always the kettle. Worked quite well.


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