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Village retreat

Finally, after three months and three thousand miles, it was time for Emma and I to come off the road for just a few weeks. A chance to reflect, consider lessons learnt, a wash and brush up for my trusty steed, prepare for Asia next year. And see something of life in a small Bulgarian village.


I thought the house imposing. Warmly painted on the outside, I was greeted inside by an already lit woodstove. A generous stock of provisions to get me started. Fresh fruit and vegetables, bread, cheese, milk and eggs. A comfortable bed. Hot shower. Ample space to spread my things out. No need to keep a constant watch over all my possessions. Couldn’t ask for more. And Emma seemed quite chuffed. Had a room to herself. Downstairs mind.

Europe wasn’t quite in the bag, although close, about five or six more days riding to reach Istanbul and Asia. But for me, reaching the house had always been an important goal. As Emma and I pulled up at the gates I actually gave the handlebars a little pat. She’d done well. Celebrations were a simple affair. Cheese on toast. Tea with fresh milk. And I’d found a Chronicles of Narnia DVD in the cupboard. Life was good.


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