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With a little help from my friends

I’d met up for lunch in Malta with friends Mark and Jenny, who, quite by coincidence, were spending Easter on the island. I was intrigued to know what Jenny made of my venture. Did she think me quite mad? Probably too early to say, hadn’t done that part of the course yet. She too had made a bold change of direction, electing for medical school. Tough choice. Puts things into perspective when you realise I’d be finished first. With a year or so to spare.

Catching up with Mark and Jenny, time spent with my parents, lots of e-mails with news from home, radio interviews, all this had made me realise just how important the support of family and friends are to this venture. My Mum had even joked she’d qualify for an NVQ in Logistics at the end of all this. A solo expedition only in the sense that there’s one saddle.


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