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Glorious technicolour

Vivid recollections. Poignant moments. Walking out of school for the very last time, counting down the final few steps to the gate, and then at once no longer a pupil. For ever. Pleasant moments. Sat with my father in the warm June sun before heading off for the first of my ’O’ levels. Comical moments. A road trip to Rome with my best friend Mark, his car but my turn to drive when we hit the city.

Many other vignettes, some distant, others much more recent. Walking the Pennine Way last summer with my mother, tough going over Black Hill. Visiting my niece, just a few weeks old, days before departure. Some a chapter closed, others a page turned. A few just a simple footnote.

In the saddle I’d found myself re-living much of my life. No pattern, simple triggers. Sights, smells or sounds. Eighties tracks from my formative years, a deluge of imagery, very real, in glorious technicolour. A journey takes many forms.


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