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Greatest weakness – decent cup of black coffee – on a mission to find the best…

Second greatest weakness – my razor – nothing comes close to a good wet shave – not a huge fan of beards, indeed, never dated a woman with one, and no plans to start now..

Third greatest weakness – fluffy towels and a hot shower – it’s not a crime you know – dreaming that is!

Fourth – and final – greatest weakness – cotton boxer shorts, one pair carried, special occasions only. Along with my deodorant.

Favourite television programme – Shoestring” – early 80s drama about private eye Eddie Shoestring, filmed in and around Bristol and Bath, lead played by Trevor Eve – three episodes available on – am almost word perfect now!

Favourite internet radio station – UK’s Absolute 80s – – fortunately without a ’no repeat’ guarantee!

Food I miss the most – rum truffles, the proper ones made from old cake, laced with essence, or even the real stuff

Favourite weather – nothing beats a nice temperate climate, just like that in Blighty…

[Editor: That’s enough for now.. Back to the Gobi]


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