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Bitter and bright, cats and bags

Fair to say I’d exhausted my supply of cucumber sandwiches a while back. Reliant instead on a small stash of black tea bags and powdered milk to retain a modicum of Englishness. Always good for morale.

And morale needed a bit of a boost. Aching Achilles. Dose of anti-inflammatories. Take it steady. Resist the temptation to push too hard. Just enough to reach to Hong Kong in time for Christmas. Hoping it wouldn’t worsen. Quietly confident I was being sensible. Cats out of bags and all that.

Climb - web

I’d been a long mountain day. Steep climbs and long descents. Bitter and bright. A little above freezing. Curtains of melt water dripping off roofs. But the ankle seemed stable. So far so good.


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