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Daleks, Democracy and Diplomacy

Catching up with news on the web. Finally found an internet broadband connection that doesn’t ressemble dial-up on a go slow. Or a flight out of Heathrow. Not quite good enough for Skype mind. Could hear my parents loud and clear, but gather I sounded like a Dalek. Must pick up some throat lozenges in the morning. Admittedly, I’ve an aversion to stairs. But that’s solely down to being wedded to Emma, my trusty steed.

Alas, found the news a little disappointing. Few flakes of snow and the UK grinds to a halt. Actually, I gather so has much of Europe. But I bet the Swiss railways still run on time.. Then there’s the Democratic Republic of North Korea. Which is the real let-down. It is still there.

Just like Wikileaks. Individuals aside, a story with just about everything. Conspiracy theories. Evading sustained efforts to close it down. Claim and counter-claim as to risk publication of the diplomatic cables poses. Well nigh impossible to establish their release has resulted in loss of life. But actually damaging rather than just embarrassing? Surely anything that’s likely to deter candour behind "closed" diplomatic doors is a bad thing? And with only about one percent out there so far, looks like being a saga that’ll run for longer than it took Iraq to form a coalition Government…

But, with Christmas approaching rapidly, Season of Goodwill and all that, time to finish on a lighter note….so click on Somerset County Gazette article


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