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Resuming normal service

Cairns has survived Cyclone Yasi relatively unscathed. But not without some damage to infrastructure. Power to much of the city only just being restored. Mobile communications patchy. Internet access flaky. Very slow at best. Many of the roads out blocked by downed trees or flooding. The sheer scale means it will take time for things to be restored.

I’ve a few video clips to share. Some shot during the height of the storm, others recording the aftermath. Plenty of photos. And aware of a quite a lot of messages waiting on Facebook. E-mails to reply to. Be assured I’ll tackle all of these just as soon as services are restored. Until then, please be patient.

You should see a couple of posts shortly that are quite unconnected with Cyclone Yasi. That’s because they’ve already been uploaded to the website. Scheduled to appear over the new few nights.

And if you’re wondering how this post appears. Well, I’ve one or two tricks up my sleeve. Made sure, as a solo traveller, I’ve generally got a few, fairly robust, options to get messages out. Devised with remote regions of the world in mind. Hadn’t imagined I’d need them for Australia.


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