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It was all my fault. Claudia had mentioned on Facebook she’d been busy drawing a kangaroo in wellies. Drew a few wry comments from friends. Admittedly, she does live in Wales. As I used to. Wet there it may be. But not, surprisingly, as much as Queensland. Truth is, a welly wearing marsupial might be a good mascot. Must drop Premier Anna Bligh a line.

Queensland has a lot to offer. There’s been floods and cyclones for starters. Crocodiles a little more elusive. But it only takes one to eat you. Just when this might all get a bit passe – so last season – there’s been an outbreak of Dengue Fever. Worst of all, even the cuddle critters fight like girls. Not the slightest notion of Queensberry Rules. Laugh a minute. I’ve loved it. Apart from the bit with influenza. I mean, in the Tropics?

The plan is to follow the east coast from Cairns to Sydney. But onward to Melbourne is looking very tempting. Reliable sources suggest there may be penguins. And then there’s the Australian Alps. The idea of going from Tropics to Alpine pasture increasingly irresistible. True, never seen an aquatic, flightless bird in Switzerland. But I hope you get the picture.

And, much more adjacently, I hope the Aussies get the map’s humour. For which I’m hugely indebted to Claudia for taking my incoherent scribblings and turning them into something with sharp wit. A professional maritime artist, illustrator and author. The ideal choice for Queensland. Please do take the trouble to visit her website – click here – some great nautical themed cards, books and prints.


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