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If you’ve been following me on Facebook you may have spotted I’m quite fond of posting short "What’s on your mind" entries. Tough. Brevity doesn’t come easy for me. Nor does political correctness. Careful though not to cause offence. Aware that not everyone’s a fan of social media, a few of my favourite ramblings are reproduced below. Enjoy.

"Wondering how koalas mate? Asleep most of the day, stoned out of their tiny minds when actually awake. It’s not as if they live on an inner city council estate…"

"Never mind the traffic on Queensland’s roads, it’s the dead, bloated cane toads you have to look out for. Explode when you run over them. Not funny. Especially when you don’t have a front mudguard"

"Bit of a Charlie Sheen moment. But without the wild parties, wanton women and all the other Hollywood excesses. Instead I’d simply given a frank interview to a local TV station. Admitted I was "nuts". Suppose I’d better check into re-hab."

"Tully, Mission Beach, Cardwell. Devastated by Cyclone Yasi. Now submerged by swollen rivers. Compounded by an outbreak of Dengue Fever. Sounds like a cue for a Royal visit. I’ll look out for the bunting."

"Australian English. For all its close similarity to The Queen’s English, there are a few pitfalls. Try asking for rooting compost in a garden centre. Only to find yourself directed to the nearest chemist. Presuming you’re after organic Viagra. And firm marrows."

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