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Done quite a few radio interviews. Some TV work. And lots of newspaper articles. All great fun. Varied. But a pleasant surprise recently. A very different take on my venture. "Leave the Navy. See the world". Rather than the usual "Join the Navy. See the World". Nothing wrong with that of course. Besides, much nicer than "Join the Army. Meet lots of interest people. Kill them". Squaddie humour. You can’t beat it.

Navy News

So now you know. How I stayed off the streets for the last twenty years or so. Actually, I did get to see quite a bit of the world. And left simply because I wanted a change. To head for pastures new whilst I was still enjoying what I was doing. Fabulous time. Of course, everything has its moments. I get seasick. Well, you never really know ’til you join. And then it’s a bit late.



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