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Today’s Kiwese word or phrase: "Ear roebucks". Type of exercise

Personal response. Within the hour. US Consulate in Sydney. Quite understanding about my predicament. Just let them know when I was back in the city and they’d sort something out. I’d feared I’d have to arrange a fresh visa interview. Incur a couple of weeks wait. Unable to make the one I had. Grounded in New Zealand by a volcanic ash cloud disrupting air travel.

Unable to reach them by telephone, I’d fired off a quick e-mail, explaining my problem. My timeline into Alaska. Asking, if I wasn’t able to make my scheduled interview, whether or not they could offer me an expedited one. Not hopeful. Expecting them to be inundated with such requests. So, doubly surprised at such a quick, individual reply.

In the event, there was no need to take up the Consulate on their offer. Able to make my scheduled flight and arrive back in Sydney a few days ahead of the interview. Before the cloud closed in again.



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