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I’d met up again with Debbie and Steve, friends I’d stayed with a few days earlier back in Sydney’s southern suburbs. This time at their weekend retreat at Sanctuary Point in Jervis Bay. Progress had been better than I’d expected, which was very welcome as I’d been entrusted with the house keys. Late would be poor form.

We’d spent the weekend together, exploring the curiosity that is Jervis Bay. For it forms part of Australia’s smallest State, the Australian Capital Territory, known as ACT. I’d thought the Territory comprised of just Canberra, a few hundred kilometres inland. Unaware of its satellite on the coast. You’d hardly be aware of it but for the albeit low key presence of Federal rather than State Police.

They’d returned to the daily grind in Sydney whilst I’d remained to tackle some of the less exciting, but necessary, parts of the project. Preparing for the increasingly imminent on-move to Alaska. Airlines to book. Logistics to consider. Bike box to organise. Immigration requirements to satisfy. Time-consuming rather than difficult. Knew what needed to be done. Just a question of getting on with it.




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