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Coming up… in Alaska

I’m actually a bit ahead of the blog. Already in Anchorage, Alaska, about to ride out of town into the wilderness, the start of my journey across North America. Continent Four. The story will begin to unfold shortly. Feet – and wheels – barely on Terra Firma and I’ve already met some truly fascinating people and experienced hospitality far beyond I’d ever have imagined possible. Found myself, on one occasion, actually lost for words. It soon passed.


So, look out for Grizzly bears – I certainly will be – moose, bald eagles, together with a whole cast of other characters. Tales of Hugo Chavez, hostel life, perils of bear spray, and insomnia. In the meantime, if you haven’t seen it, perhaps take a look at a film from a few years ago, "Into the Wild", based on events that took place close to Anchorage. You’ll then perhaps understand why I’ve plans to spend a night in a bus..




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