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I was intrigued to see what photos Anton had chosen for his presentation to Taunton’s Rotary Club. Curious as to what insight they might yield into someone else’s perceptions of what I was doing. Besides, I couldn’t recall ever being the subject of an entire talk. Torn between feeling honoured and just plain humbled. And I’d an idea he’d be delivering it a few more times before I returned home.

For all the countless examples of generosity and hospitality on the road, I find myself reflecting almost as much on those much closer to home. Quite apart from moral support from fellow village residents, and a fine send-off, there’s been a good deal of practical stuff.

Some generous donations to The Outward Bound Trust. Regular interviews with neighbour Jon on 10Radio, with a bit of technical help from Anton. Sue, helping with my English, and Tony, busy lobbying on my behalf. Eliciting an interview with a journalist just the last week.



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