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Hopping to Hawaii

Last piece of the jigsaw. Securing a flight with Hawaiian Airlines from Sydney to Honolulu. Actually, have managed to get a seat held at roughly the online price. For three days. Unable to purchase directly because they don’t accept UK credit cards.

So now just the issue of paying for it. Which turns out to be not quite a straightforward as you’d imagine. Have to use a UK agent. They have to agree a double currency conversion from Australian dollars to US dollars, and then, finally, into Sterling. And I’m insistent on using my credit card so I get to enjoy the statutory protections it offers for large purchases.

I’d been a bit suspicious of the agent at first. Their website has links to Hawaiian Airlines. But not the other way around. And there are some typos. And just because they have a domain doesn’t actually mean they are based in the UK. In fact, one of their staff works out of France. And their UK number seemed to be permanently connected to the answerphone.

So I’d double-checked with the airline directly. Making sure phone numbers tally. Staff names correspond. Checked their IP address. Maybe I’ve been doing this for too long.




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