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Alaska… a few facts

A few facts about Alaska… some quite surprising…

It’s BIG – about one fifth of the rest of the US

But with a small population – just 600,000 people, half of whom live in Anchorage

Which isn’t the Capital – that’s Juneau. Despite electing Sarah Palin as Governor, Alaskans are clearly a shrewd bunch, choosing to put their politicians on an island. One you can’t actually drive to directly from Anchorage, instead having to travel through Canada.

Alaska is also the northern-most, western-most and eastern-most State. And has over 100,000 glaciers.

The State bird is the willow ptarmigan. Although you’d be forgiven for thinking it’s the mosquito…

Barrow, in the far north of Alaska, doesn’t see the sun – at all – for almost three months of the year. 18 November – 24 January. And, between 10 May and 2 August, it never sets.

Alaska’s State flag was the result of a school art project. Eight gold stars.



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