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Never mind the coffee..

Inside the Eureka roadhouse it was little less gloomy than outside. The generator had failed but the coffee was still hot. And just twenty five cents a cup – less than twenty pence. I’d found a seat by the window, able to watch over my trusty steed. Light was eventually restored and the staff started to busy themselves once more with the attending to customers. My server appeared, as eager to remove my still full beverage as she was the empty plates others had left.

Second day back on the road and a slow start. A tough twenty or so miles from Grand View. I’d planned to reach the small town of Glennallen that night, but it was now mid-afternoon and patently obvious I wasn’t going to make it. I felt nauseous, suspecting something I must have eaten had disagreed with me.

The cafe had a greasy odour, not unpleasant, even attractive after a hard ride in the saddle. But not today. No appetite, even though I probably needed to eat. Decided to finish my coffee then wander into the adjacent gas station and see what lay on the road ahead. An early stop, good night’s rest was in order.



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