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The Anchorage Plan

The first few days in Anchorage had been pretty frenzied. Rewarding, a good deal being achieved, and enjoyable to boot. But it was time now to take stock, ensure that I got done what really needed to be done. First snows weren’t that far away.

There’d always been a plan for Anchorage. Not the detail I’d been obliged to devise for the on-move from Australia. More of a check list of things that had to be done. Service and re-assemble my trusty steed. Get to grips with bears, understand the threat and how to deal with it. Seek local advice for the most sensible route into Canada and then south to Seattle.

There was also some PR to be done. And, just as important as the other tasks, be sociable. For two reasons. Firstly, I love to chat with people. And secondly, I’ve come here to learn about Alaska and Alaskans. Closeting yourself away with a tube of lithium grease hardly strikes me as consistent with this. Of course, there are jobs that must be done. And done they shall be. Question of balance.



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