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Towards Tok

The previous night we’d been told of a couple of Spanish riders who’d not left Midway Service until gone two in the afternoon. We’d laughed. Only to find ourselves chatting with Jay and Debbie until a little after one. Comforting ourselves with the knowledge we’d at least left before the Spaniards. Just.

Short climb and brief squall. But then mostly downhill towards the small town of Tok. Mike and I had planned to stop for just a coffee at a roadhouse twenty or so miles beyond Midway. Only to find ourselves feeling surprisingly hungry, realising it was by now close on four in the afternoon. Tempted by the club sandwiches. Filling but not too heavy to ride with.

Swift progress towards to the Sourdough campground on the outskirts of Tok. Helped by quiet roads and no headwind, the last twelve miles covered at around sixteen miles per hour. Mike and I in firm agreement. Good team effort, our respective best day in a while. Boded well for our time riding together.




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