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Funny thing technology. Back in the mid-eighties I’d convinced myself I’d missed the information technology revolution. Sir Clive Sinclair had moved on to his C5 electric car, sold out to Sir Alan and Amstrad. Adept though I’d found myself with writing software, decided best to pursue a more conventional engineering path. Seemed to make sense at the time.

A very good school friend was rather less convinced, heading off to read computer science at Imperial. Forming, I thought, a small software house. Bought out by Microsoft, ending up living in the US. Seattle these days. Where I planned to catch up with him.

Despite my mistaken reading of the runes, I’d never lost my love of technology, especially the ability to communicate. Now a tool, an enabler, rather than an end in itself pursued with childhood passion. Fascinated at how I could so easily share photos, videos, the merest of thoughts from almost anywhere on the planet. Often in a matter of minutes if I so chose.

Sometimes a brief phone call to my parents. By satellite. Lat and long of my remote wild camp site. Chance for them to locate it using Google Earth. Reassuring for them. Fun for me.



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