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Who wrote "I Claudius" asked Carl? I’d absolutely no idea. Vague recollections of a BBC television series in the 70’s. Derek Jacobi. Brian Blessed. Frankie Howard. Perhaps I was getting confused with "Carry On Cleo". Next question. What symbol associated with Joan of Arc did De Gaulle and the Free French adopt during the Second World War? A burning stake didn’t seem quite right, so suggested it must be a cross. Warm. But not quite right.

Fortunately I’d made something of an inspired guess at the first question. Santa Fe the Capital of which US State? Sounded Mexican to me, but we were talking USA. So went for New Mexico. Bingo. Playing for what Carl the warden had described as a substantial discount on the camping fee. Get one question out of three right and it’d be mine. Done. Five bucks rather than fifteen.


A curious end to a long day. Eight miles or so to Vanderhoof. Reaching the campground at dusk. Greeted by Carl as he’d been out collecting dues. In his hand a small receipt book and a quiz manual.



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