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Packed off

School for the boys started the next day. But I’d already got a packed lunch. Fresh chicken sandwiches, banana cake with chocolate chips and a flask of hot coffee. Essential stuff, as much for morale as sustaining turning the pedals. Steady rain and around sixty five miles to cover to reach my next stop at Kitwanga. Not entirely sure what I’d find when I get there.

Travis had returned home a little earlier from his night shift at the local hospital. Karen had made fresh waffles for breakfast. Good sustenance, especially when drizzled with homemade strawberry puree. Chance to chat a little more before I set off, considering it most rude to arrive late and depart early. I’d done neither.

When it came to hitting the road, Travis had already retired, but the boys were eager to wave me off. They’d been on a bike tour with their parents a few months earlier, month or so away, so had a pretty shrewd idea what would lie ahead.



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