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Mormon hospitality

Joyce explained that, as Mormons, they didn’t drink coffee, instead offering me a selection of herbal teas. Curious, I asked why. It was the Word of Wisdom, she said, a religious text that prohibited the consumption of caffeinated drinks, illegal substances, alcohol and encouraged the sparing use of meat.

I admitted I probably drank more coffee than I should, but had never touched narcotics and rarely drank. Adding that I could hardly fault the rationale behind the text. Wondering if decaffeinated drinks were acceptable, but it didn’t seem right to ask.

I’d spent the night with Mons and his family, staying in his parent’s house next door. Welcomed into their respective homes with unconditional generosity. Conscious of the many cyclists that spent the night under their roof, I’d suggested a small contribution. Declined as politely as it’d been offered.



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