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Steady hand

Two signs caught my eye. "Gun control is a steady hand". And "Never trust a Skinny Cook". And he believed in loyalty. Committed to the hamburger, the single substantive option on the menu. Choice of extras – likes of processed cheese, mayo or mustard – the only permitted variations.

I’d stopped at a cafe at the junction of the 153 and the 77. Supposedly nothing there, according to my map at least. Welcome surprise. Earlier Winchester but the grocery store was closed. Just a Steakhouse with lots of utility workers trucks parked up outside. I’d paused briefly then carried on.

The day hadn’t started well. Adhering to the route shown on the cycling map, I’d sought to enter Bastrop State Park. Four bucks but told the road ahead was closed. "How closed?" I’d asked. "Closed" I’d been firmly told. Was certain I’d be able to get through, but could hardly fein ignorance now if caught. And I knew all about State Parks Police.



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