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Ken and his trusty two-wheeled steed drop into BBC Somerset’s Taunton studio for a final chat with presenter Emma Britton on her Saturday morning Somerset Live show. En route home to Fitzhead later the same day – just ten miles remaining. You can listen in – until Fri 17 February – courtesy of the BBC iPlayer – click here.

Ken gets a brief mention at the end of the 10 am news that opens up the show, with the interview proper starting around seventeen minutes in. Shrewd listeners may notice the programme opens with Starship’s "Nothing’s going to stop us now"… Yep.

Such was the nature of the venture, the usual randomly chosen quirky questions have been replaced by a canter through strange facts and figures from around the world. And there’s Abba’s "Knowing me knowing you" in the middle – wondering if the lyric "…breaking up is never easy…" hints towards the future for Ken and his trusty steed. But then there’s Billy Joel’s "Uptown Girl" track a little later…

Ken shares various anecdotes. Stories of visiting a bottling plant in a police car, the horrors of drinking fermented mares milk. The latter almost reducing presenter Emma to tears. The main piece ends with Ken and his trusty steed getting their own traffic report for the final journey to Fitzhead. And yes, the bike really was in the studio…

[With especial thanks to presenter Emma Britton – who, incidentally, also writes and produces her Saturday morning show – great friend and supporter over the last couple of years]



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