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Feedback – your help sought!

Over the next few months you will see a few changes to the website, be they structural tweaks or just content.  And this is where you come in.  Your feedback will be a big help, shaping how it develops over the coming months.  Do be very honest – whilst it would be great to hear what you like, it’s equally useful to know what didn’t quite work for you.  Help me avoid using a plethora of over-wrought frivilous adjectives….

Feedback can be left as ‘Comments’ on the blog, or by e-mailing them to me via the ‘Contact’ page.  If having your comments published makes you reluctant to do this, just say and I won’t put them on the website.

I am often asked if I’ll write a book when I get back from the expedition.  That rather depends, I say.  As part of my research I’ve read a great many travel and cycling books, some I thoroughly enjoyed (Al Humphrey, Pam Goodall and Steve Lord), but a good number where what would have been fine for friends or immediate family of the author had been cruelly inflicted on the wider populace.  So then, whether I write a book or not rather depends on whether  I believe I can write something of broader appeal.  The blog would inevitably be the source material, so do let me know what you think, perhaps even help me refine my style.  And do be very honest.  I have a thick skin.


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