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New Lanark looked decidely old

It had been a cold, wet ride following the M74 from Gretna to New Lanark, south-east of Glasgow.  Even by Scottish standards.  I was glad to reach New Lanark Youth Hostel down on the banks of the Clyde below, errr, Lanark.  I hesitate because New Lanark looked decidely older than Lanark itself.

I’d met Steve from Derbyshire earlier in the day as he hacked north towards John O’Groats on a rather faster machine than mine.  And it was he who introduced me to Maggie, support team for her daughter Jasmin.  Now, I don’t exactly recall what I was doing when I was eighteen, but I do know I wasn’t cycling from John O’Groats to Lands End.  I was reminded in a way of the exploits of cycling author Josie Dew who’s talk I’d listened to some months ago in Winchester.  Conditions in Scotland had been tough for Jasmin, but she’d stuck with it.  I was impressed by her quiet under-statedness.  It’s an English thing, just getting on with it.  Do hope Maggie or Jasmin get in touch and let me know when they have reached the finish.


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  1. Jasmin says:

    Dear Ken, hope all is well with you! Good luck with your cycle around the world, i’m very jealous. I made it to Lands End in one piece, and I’m hoping to do it again next year. My mum sends her best wishes and good luck for your amazing journey. So sorry it took so long to read your blog, we haven’t had a computer, but we will be sure to keep up to date with your journey. Safe your and take care Jasmin and Maggie. X

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