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A week since my return from Scotland.  The inevitable domestic chores, the endless post and such like that come with being away for a month.  But also chance to reflect on what I’ve learnt out on the road.  From a purely practical perspective, lots ideas about how to  refine the cycle and all the kit that goes with it.  All this is hugely beneficial I don’t deny, but rather more useful has been the mental preparation.  I found myself pleased to be back in my village, my head nestling amongst fluffy pillows rather than the Paps of Jurra, and yet a bit saddened I wasn’t still out on the road, waiting to see what exploits each new day brought.  The right balance.

So, enthused by the experiences of the last month, and driven by a little over thirteen short weeks to depature, things have been very hectic since my return.  In a satisfying sort of way.  Expedition tent chosen and ordered, being flown in from Sweden.  Starting to make considerable headway in getting my personal affairs in order ready to hand over to my mother when I grant her Power of Attorney.  Lots and lots of stuff.  Doing is good, but rest and relaxation is equally as important to maintain clarity of thought and a clear sense of direction.  Nearby Wiveliscombe has the perfect tonic to help relax, a heated outdoor pool with a really friendly crowd of regulars.  And after that, sleep comes easily…


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