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Last times….

It’s a strange feeling, suddenly realising you are doing things for the last time, for 4 years at least. Like filling up the car with petrol. Or having a very wet Wednesday at home in the cottage. Some things I’ll miss, others I won’t.

Despite myriad of things still to do – which I’m comfortable with as, being male, I find I do my best work when cornered – earlier this week I was pleased to be able to catch up with a few people in London. Lunch with Laura and the team at The Outward Bound Trust, together with meeting up with Pam Goodall and Steve Fabes. Pam has cycled around the world, and Steve, like me, is going to fairly shortly. I left Paddington station, returning on the train to Somerset, content that all was finally coming together, one way or the other.

Back then to my most favourite question of the moment – do I really need to do this before I go?


2 responses to “Last times….”

  1. Iain says:


    We are just back from summer leave but, amongst all the usual back to work ‘mungdungous’, ever aware of your imminent departure. Indeed, this time next week………..! I take it all the extra bubble wrap was to assist you with stress relief (well, it works for me popping all those little rascals!). Best wishes, mon brave. Will be following you from afar.

    Iain L

  2. chris says:

    Hi there,

    I met a friend of yours, Peter, while I was following the Lon Llas in Wales, and he told me about your odyssey, sounds great. I just wanted to wish you good luck and may the the wind always be at your back.

    Cheers Chris

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