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Donau kebab

I found a small bar still open. I was quietly pleased. I’d reached the small town of Donaueschingen and the source of the Danube – Donau in German. The day had not been without its surprises – an unexpected climb to about 3,500 feet, and they’d decided to close the road. Permanently. They were building a dam.

The supposed campsite in Donaueschingen had eluded me, but I’d found a cheap Gasthof – guest house – on the outskirts. Just past the Gendamarie. Familiar illuminated sign, and a line of identical white Peugeot cars with French plates. Couldn’t miss it.

I put it down to a craving for salt. After a couple of beers it was time for a kebab. Besides, it was the only place left open, and the menu had pictures. I’d need to work on my German.


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