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Writing the blog is both immensely enjoyable, and a challenge. Sharpens my powers of observation, and contemplating what I might write often helps take my mind off more testing days. Inevitably, it is just a snapshot of the people and places I encounter, but I always endeavour to be fair and balanced in what I write, striving to get beyond stereotypes and pre-conceived notions. That doesn’t always mean I get it quite right. But I try.

I’m an independent traveller and the website is my own. I decide what to write about. If I do have an agenda, then it is to help others better understand about the people I meet and the places I visit. If my posts result in just a few individuals thinking afresh about something, being a bit better informed, then that’s a job well done.

My target audience is predominantly a British one, whose first language is English, and I seek to reflect that in my use of humour, sometimes making use of common misconceptions or images to help draw the reader in. Only then can you seek to challenge misunderstandings. And quite a few pieces are light-hearted, simply there to entertain. It’s all about balance. Of course, I do keep an eye on who’s visiting the site, which countries they come from. Always great to see visitors from afar, and I’m sure that’ll be reflected in my writings in the years ahead.

What I’ve loved over the last few weeks has been a steady increase in feedback, mostly about the blog. Quite a lot of comments for all to see on the site, and a few thought provoking e-mails as well. The European stage of the expedition is very much about refining things for the road ahead, and the website is no exception, especially my blogging style. I always give a great deal of thought to what people say, and endeavour to reply to each and every e-mail. Keep them coming!


4 responses to “Striking the balance”

  1. dentice says:

    I have to hand it to you Ken your latest blogs are very thought provoking, I get a sense of the old Iron Curtain.It did make me smile however, your comments on common misconceptions to draw the reader in,have you been playing us like fish or do you really see certain Nations having more to offer than the next and see certain areas through the eyes of the English middle class?.As no one in their right mind would go around the globe with misconceptions like that(unless they are thinking of expanding the British Empire once more)your playing us like fish you cunning Devil.When are we going to get under the skin of the real Ken?

  2. Rasa says:

    Hi Ken,

    I wonder if you are still in Belgrade? Would like to meet you. Hope it is not to late …

    Rasa from Belgrade

  3. admin says:

    Afraid I’ve left Belgrade – now a few kilometres short of the Serbian / Bulgarian border. Pity, I do like to sit and chat with people!

  4. admin says:

    I was beginning to miss our playful exchanges. Was thinking of awarding some UN gift vouchers to the author of the best comment – you’re definitely in the running. Glad to hear you have found the latest posts thought provoking. As for using common misconceptions to draw in the reader, that’s just sound journalistic technique, providing familiar points of reference to help understanding and convey a message. Whatever style I adopt for a particular post, one thing remains unchanged – honesty, the content a fair and balanced reflection of what I’ve experienced. Your move.

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