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Between sips of my now lukewarm coffee I made a few pencilled scribblings in a small notebook. My Dad had headed home, and I was now contemplating my next move. There were a few issues that needed to be dealt with before heading further east into the ’Stans. In itself, this didn’t hugely concern me. A four year challenge after all, so I’d half expected the unexpected to crop up once in a while. I was playing the long-game. And I’d a year to cross Asia, so time wasn’t a huge issue. Besides, a brief pause would bring better weather further east and more daylight for riding. Incidental benefits, but welcome nevertheless.

I knew exactly what I needed to do, which would take me a month or so, maybe a little bit more. But where best to do it? More jottings. I’d already resolved not to remain in Turkey, relishing the chance to experience a new country. Which was, after all, what it was really all about. The list of considerations was growing. Another sip of coffee and I weeded out the more trivial ones that had crept in. Sudden clarity. I’d the makings of a plan….


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