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Simple mistake or scam?

Huining - street scene - web

Huining. Large provincial town. Street vendors in the autumn sun. Household goods, clothes, fruits, spices. And cash. Or at least a large bundle of notes laying on top of some printing paraphernalia. Simple mistake or scam? The one where you pick up the money, hand it to the stall holder. He declares some is missing, threatens to call the Police unless you make it up.

Printing money - web

[Author’s note: The 100 Yuan note shown is a relatively high denomination – worth approximately ten pounds sterling. So not exactly loose change]


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2 responses to “Simple mistake or scam?”

  1. Jacks says:

    This is a common scam in Russia. I know of two of our guys who have had this attempted on them when in Moscow. Fortunately, they’d been warned in advance and walked by, ignoring the wallet on the ground.

  2. admin says:

    Stallholder wasn’t that keen on me taking photos! Funny thing was, not sure who the targets were supposed to be – not exactly a mecca for tourists.

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