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Bluff Yorkshireman. Aren’t they all? And a good friend. Or at least he was the one that had encouraged me to head off around the world whilst I could. That was a while ago. But we’re still talking. Amongst the friendly banter we exchange by e-mail was the suggestion I might sometimes be a little less than erudite. A bit loquacious. Quite unfounded of course. But it got me thinking all the same…


So, you can now also keep up with my exploits on Twitter – simply click on the link to sign up. In return, you should receive my tweets – short messages, no more than one hundred and forty characters – assuming you’re following me! It’s a tough discipline but I’m determined to give it a go. And even if you don’t sign up, you can still get to see the most recent tweets on my website’s home page – on the lower right hand side.

[With especial thanks to Pete – ex-pat Yorkshireman – now lives in Devon – and Laura at The Outward Bound Trust for cajoling me – in the nicest possible way – to make use of Twitter. And Niall for being the first to follow..]


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