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Cyclone Yasi – Morning after

Morning after from Ken Roberts on Vimeo.

Cairns. Northern Queensland. Morning after Cyclone Yasi.


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2 responses to “Cyclone Yasi – Morning after”

  1. Ramin says:

    Hi Ken
    Just to let you know that I am sooo happy to see you doing so well around the world,,whilst I am stuck at my dental practice helping people in different need!
    Keep up the fantastic work,I will carry on monitoring your fantastic efforts.
    Hurry back so I can give you your free examination and scale and polish which I think you might need after all this time abroad.

  2. admin says:

    Hi Ramin – Great to hear from you – often tell people the tale of root canal treatment on my last day in the UK – plus your help and advice on the road. Fortunately, touch wood, all good at the moment, even if nashers probably do need a bit of a polish…! Cheers Ken

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