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Perfect medium

Fair to say I do like to chat. Once had a few stitches on my lip. Silenced for two whole days. Traumatic. Those around me seemed to take it pretty well. Very understanding. But now I’d been presented with the perfect medium. Talk radio. Surely it was Christmas…

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I’ve been invited to appear live on Mike "Locco" O’loughlin’s morning show at 4CA AM 846. Irresistible. Simply couldn’t say no. Another new experience. Besides, Locco has done some long-distance rides himself. So you can bet he’ll ask just how comfortable the saddle really is..

You can listen live online – from 10 pm UK time Thursday 25 February – at



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  1. Ross Nargar says:

    Hey Ken met you with Ryan at London Cycles in Sheridan St yesterday afternoon .That was me on the GT Road Bike buying a few bits and pieces. Sorry I missed your radio gig I was at work . If you need contacts down the coast esp Bris give me a bell (email) Cheers and safe riding Ross N

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