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A little lubrication

"How 80’s". Conceited. Germanic. Not quite what I’d expected when I’d popped into a local, albeit expensive looking, bike shop. After a small tube of lithium grease. More than sufficient for my needs. Proven to be quite effective over more than 20,000 kilometres. In the depths of winter. In the searing heat of the desert. Absolutely no need for any of the more exotic products. With their eye-watering price tags. Chose to leave rather than engage in debate. Pointless.

Brian - web

Pleased that instead I’d entrusted my trusty steed’s front wheel to a smaller shop nearby. Brian’s. Chosen because I’d had a peek at his workshop. Confident he’d do a good job changing the bearings. Best ten bucks I’d spent. Saving me a day’s frustration.

Flying had necessitated dismantling my bicycle. Simply to get her into the bike box I’d acquired in Hong Kong. Once unpacked, bit of an overhaul had seemed sensible. Mostly re-greasing before re-assembly. Checking for wear and tear. A few modifications for the Tropical climate.


[Ken entrusted Emma’s front wheel to Brian at London Cycles on Sheridan Street, Cairns]


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