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I’d joked about floods, cyclones, crocodiles, Dengue Fever, intense ultra violet, monsoon rains, venomous critters, stifling humidity. Offered a certain charm, I’d said. Truth was. Well that was it. True. Once mastered, an environment that more than amply rewarded you for your efforts. Not least, the satisfaction of having mastered it.

Granted it does take time to properly acclimatise. Quite a bit longer than I’d imagined. At first quite perplexed why anyone would want to live here. Some take months, maybe a few years to be truly comfortable. Others never succeed. Fundamentally a hostile environment. To be treated with respect.

Never, ever venture out without sunbloc. Nothing below Factor 30. Wear shades. Even on overcast days. When the UV is often at its most intense. Frequently rated Extreme. Burns in minutes. Don’t forget the DEET. No malaria but enough Dengue Fever around to make contraction a realistic prospect for the unwary. Laugh a minute.



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