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Journalistic desires

My recent piece – "Someone’s daughter" – about a woman I’d joined for a sociable coffee – has provoked some interesting responses. Intriguing stuff. Curious about why we’d met. What happened next. Presumption that the person I’d described was offering services of an adult nature.

Truth is I can’t say for sure what services she actually offers. The advertisement in the local paper implies those of a sexual nature. And its placement in the Adult Services section strengthens this inference. All perfect legal. Perhaps all she provides is a listening ear. Or a shoulder to cry on. Couldn’t say. Didn’t ask.

Actually, I don’t want to know. Never did. Not being prudish. Or moralistic. Instead, only ever interested in meeting the real person – someone’s daughter – rather than an object of carnal desire. Learning more about who she really was. I’d suggested a coffee for this reason alone. Careful not to cloud the issue by letting slip I’d uncovered her alter ego. Afterwards, as I’d always intended, going our separate ways.

And how was I first introduced to her? The real person. The one you might bump into as easily as I had. Quite unaware of her supposed profession. Which is my point. Challenging pre-conceived ideas. Prejudices. Presumptions as to the sort of person who offers services of an adult nature. And as to how I first met her? In very respectable circumstances. A shared interest. Alas, to be more specific might risk compromising her identity.



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7 responses to “Journalistic desires”

  1. bitofbling says:

    why go to the trouble of matching the poor girls mobile number to the one in the advert ,this blog is so grubby.just get on with it,what ever ‘it’ is.

  2. admin says:

    Do look forward to reading comments – feedback always appreciated. Obviously disappointed you consider the blog to be ‘grubby’, and whilst I must disagree, do respect your opinion. The ‘It’ you refer to – as far as the blog is concerned – is sharing the story of the people and places I encounter as I bicycle around the world. Inevitably, this means I may write about some pretty varied people. But that just reflects the world through which I’m moving. Some you may enjoy hearing about. Others not. Naturally, I endeavour to write about individuals – and places as well – with sensitivity, for example respecting their candour or privacy. In this particular case, I’ve gone to considerable lengths to protect the person’s identity.

  3. bitofbling says:

    sharing the story of people and places fine,sharing your observations of the world you pass fine, even in small measure sharing your opinions of people and places ,but to go into fine lurid detail of your views of vulnerable people is way beyond your remit.You say you want to reflect the world in which your moving through, fair enough ,we are however intelligent enough to know that there are nasty people and nice people and sometimes nasty people are really nice and vice versa,you my friend lack a certain subtle touch and having read through 1 or 2 of your blogs I guess you have got up more than a few noses

  4. admin says:

    It’s really about perceptions. Of people and places. Surprising how mis-informed they can be, even in an increasingly connected world. Queensland is a good example. Thought by many people to still be pretty devastated by the recent floods, cyclones, even a small earthquake. Truth is, Queenslanders are a resilient bunch who’ve worked hard to get back on the feet, and with considerable success. Of course, lots still to do, but as a visitor to the region you’d probably be hard-pressed to notice. Over the next few weeks I’ll be publishing a few pieces on the blog to show what it’s actually like. To help people be better informed.

    And as for my observations on “vulnerable people” – the person I believe you’re referring to is, I’m quite sure, anything but vulnerable. Quite the opposite. One of the reasons for writing the piece. Perceptions once more. Just like the Queensland example. Not being presumptive. And I am intrigued as to what you find to be “lurid” about the piece – a pretty strong, emotive word. Or what you’ll make of a few more posts coming up concerning other interesting characters I’ve met on my travels. All part of my remit to share my experiences of cycling around the world. Choosing what to include, or not, being one of my little perks for doing this!

    Finally, whatever you think of my writings, I’m very pleased you continue to take the trouble to share your candid thoughts with me. Always enjoy reading feedback from people, whether they agree with me or not. Often much more thought provoking when they don’t!

    PS A valid e-mail address for you would be appreciated

  5. bitofbling says:

    ‘Emotive’ because you seem to have gone to such lengths to uncover this girls ‘real profession’.Surly if you had spent time there, and I mean real time ,not just over a coffee, you might have got to know the real person and might have realised that there are many ways to be vulnerable ,how on earth can you speed through and play the armchair shrink its such dribble.Your little perks I am afraid Kennith is a double edged sword as such off the wall views that you seem to store are open to ridicule,reply and revulsion and I use the word revulsion as a proud father of a beautiful daughter,my guess is that you have been told as much , this might be the problem with your Target your hoping to raise money for, I don’t know I’m no expert and it is a worthy cause.I wish you all the best in reaching your targets both geographically and financially but suspect that you won’t change a thing ,you don’t seem the type that can take criticism but like you said its your little perk

  6. admin says:

    Constructive criticism is always welcome, demonstrated in part by my willingness to publish it on the website. It would be a very dull world if everyone agreed with me. Incidentally, my “perk” is that of deciding what does, and does not, get recounted in the blog. Nothing to do with the acceptance, or otherwise, of criticism.

    Returning to specifics, the “Journalistic desires” and “Someone’s daughter” posts, if I express a view then it’s simply to describe her as warm, intelligent, generous and engaging. Hardly something I’d imagine would evoke ridicule or revulsion. An opinion, incidentally, formed over a period of time, rather than just the odd cup of coffee. Otherwise, both are deliberately factual pieces. As for uncovering her actual profession? A few minutes effort. Nothing more. Do hope this clarifies things for you.

  7. bitofbling says:

    No it does not clarifies things at all my friend.Why you want to talk about ladies who advertise favours in a local paper in beyond me , as far as I’m aware there are such things in all parts of the world, you know it goes on I know it goes on ,end of story. what next a blog devoted to red lights districts of the world , a blog unearthing drug abuse or perhaps one devoted entirely to rent boys, you could call it ‘Someones Father and wax lyrical about how you found the real person behind the man and that deep down they were nice and middle class.Its a big world out there Kennith,do try thinking Macro not Micro.Its very generous of you to demonstrate a willingness to take on others point of views ,but its takes a lot more than generosity to act upon it , that is something only you can answer.Good luck .I wont write any more comments , I am far to busy for such trifles , may look in from time to time.

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