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Had I stayed up to watch the Royal Wedding, enquired Chris and Tina? Coffee shop in Maryborough. Owner Jason’s parents. No, I explained, I’d missed it. Sure there’d be ample opportunity to catch up on the highlights. For many years to come. Adding that whilst I’d wish any couple getting married the best of luck, pomp and circumstance wasn’t quite my thing. Much preferring understated. Flag waving simply not my thing.

Tina had spent time in London. Working as a nanny. Kensington. Greenwich. Expensive city to live in I added. Explaining I’d spent some time there. Not cheap. To the extent one of my predecessors had to rely on state handouts to make ends meet. Sort of. But that’s another story…

They were both keen Royalists. None of this Republicanism for them. Explained I thought the Monarchy a good idea. Stabilizing influence. Her Majesty had seen just one or two Prime Ministers come and go. Always wondered what they discussed during the weekly audience at the Palace.

Had even bought one member of the Royal Family a cup of tea. Well, sort of. On a train. Free with my ticket. An excuse to engage the lady in conversation. To the irritation of the two plain clothes Police officers who’d been watching me intently ever since they’d boarded.



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