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As ever, I’m a little ahead of the blog. Now south of Brisbane, Queensland’s capital. Over half way down Australia’s eastern seaboard. Ploughing south towards Sydney. Making the most of the autumnal sun. Planes to catch. In the meantime, lots I hope to educate and amuse. Wrestling with city traffic, spot of snake handling, social faux pax with koalas, being spooked by dingos, French cuisine, some underwear confessions and even an impromptu visit to a village school. And the odd tame anarchist.

Just one last thing to do before hitting the road in the morning. Off to the beach. Keen geographer. Passing interest in geology. Sand quality. Research you understand. So I’ll do my very best to keep the scantily clad beach babes out of shot. Just wouldn’t be right. I’d hate to distract from the educational content. But first. Beer. Apparently you need a six pack. It was that or a bikini wax.



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