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Years of cycling commuting into central London. Ridden half way around the world. Seen some terrible driving. Double overtaking in Georgia. Chaos in China. But a first in Australia. A truck driver aiming for me. Deliberate act. Clear road. Few hundred metres behind me on the horn. Continuous. Heading straight for me. Be under no illusion. But for rapid avoiding action he’d have hit me. One day he will kill someone. Not himself. Regrettably.

Plain stupidity. Lack of anticipation. Poor judgement. Features often exercised by other road users. Including a few cyclists. But usually not truck drivers. Tolerable. For they lack intent to harm others. But not in this instance.

And no illusions as to the seriousness of the matter. Suspecting the law here is similar to that in the UK. Someone dying as a result of an intent to commit grievous bodily harm – really serious harm – is called murder. Good pub quiz question. Only reason charge normally brought is one of causing death by dangerous driving is a jury’s traditional reluctance to convict for murder in the context of motoring.

So. You’ll understand I’d want to pursue all lawful means to bring the offender to justice. In this instance, helped by some roadworks a few hundred metres ahead. Forcing the driver to stop. Allowing me to get his vehicle registration number. And I made sure he saw me note it down. Wanting him to know I’m on his case. As were the Police a short time later.

[With especial thanks to New South Wales and Queensland State Police for their assistance in bringing this matter to a satisfactory conclusion]



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