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Empire Vale Post Office

Empire Vale Post Office

Australia’s smallest Post Office. In Empire Vale, northern New South Wales.



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4 responses to “Empire Vale Post Office”

  1. brian savannah says:

    Seems like you have just pased oour place. thought you were in Paddington?

  2. admin says:

    Hi Brian – Always a bit ahead of the blog, having reached Sydney. At moment in New Zealand, hoping to fly back to Australia later today, ash cloud permitting. Then on to Melbourne!

  3. brian savannah says:

    Ken we are back in OZ in just over a week. Was hoping to meet up with you but seems you have moveed on from the North Coast of NSW.
    How come you are in NZ?
    Thought we could come and see you?
    When will you leave OZ?
    Brian and Savannah

  4. admin says:

    Hi Brian and Savannah – Just got back from brief interlude to visit NZ – few weeks there – returning to Sydney last night. Back on the road Tue down to Melbourne – about three or so weeks riding, plus a few spare days at the end to pack up bike etc… and then fly over to Alaska. Would be great to meet up if that’s at all possible! Cheers Ken

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