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Pelican brief

Pelican brief

Looks like a pelican. It’s a beak thing. But I might be hopelessly wrong. Again.



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2 responses to “Pelican brief”

  1. Mike Harcup says:

    Your bird ID is getting very impressive Ken.This is indeed an Australian Pelican(Pelicanus conspicillatus)My book says common in suitable habitat.
    Unusual in that they enjoy eating the native Australian raw.

  2. admin says:

    I knew you’d be impressed. Mind you, you are talking to the person who, for about thirty five years, actually – genuinely – thought a shrew was a small bird. Bit like a robin. Ok, maybe a bit bigger. But suggestions I thought Chlaymdia was a pot plant are really quite untrue… Think we’re back to “rooting compost”

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