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A little lattitude

Today’s Kiwese word or phrase: "Nin tin dough". Computer games console

If the weather had declined, our driver had improved. Perhaps we’d all been spoilt a bit by the others. By the time we’d reached Hokitika, the last decent sized town before Franz Josef, the air felt damp. Forty five minute stop. Encouraged by our chap, most of us headed for the local supermarket. Last chance to stock up, he’d said. Helpfully.

I’d met the bus as it’d pulled into Punakaiki. Sought to stow my bag onboard. But no. Told the baggage trailer was locked. I’d have to wait until we came to board in half an hour or so. I wasn’t impressed. It wasn’t so much the lack of joviality. He just seemed plain miserable. Perhaps he didn’t like the northern lattitudes. For, as we headed south, his commentaries did warm. Bit by bit.



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