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Today’s Kiwese word or phrase: "Herrods". Expensive shop in London

Clever. Pretext of a Seventies road trip to explore issues society wrestling with. Technology. Quite a bit more. Simple literary device. Introducing topics through conversations with others. Travelling companions. Admittedly the diversions into Ancient Greece seemed to be, well, errr, just that. Diversions.

Ian, with whom, together with Amy and their children, I’d be staying in Wellington, had lent me the book. Thought I might be intrigued by it. Which I was. The author’s logical, analytical style striking an especially strong chord. Parallels between motorcycle maintenance and my own endeavours as a bicycle mechanic an incidental bonus.

A travel book that wasn’t. Or at least, was a lot more. Different. Which gave me a bit of an idea. Just an inkling.

[Author’s note: Probably not the best synopsis in the first paragraph. Mainly because he ran out of time to read the entire book before having to return it to its owner. But he does, to his surprise as much as anyone else’s, actually have a ’B’ in ’O’ level English Literature. Just don’t mention English Language…’C’ since you ask]



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