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The God question

It’s a question I’ve never really understood. Do I believe in God? For, just like the search for the meaning of life in Douglas Adam’s book "Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy", if you don’t really know what you’re looking for, how will you recognise it when you find it? Sticking point for me is what exactly do you mean by the term God? Religious deity or some as yet unexplained force, the initiator of the Big Bang and the creation of the Universe? It’s a broad church.

I’d been joined at the breakfast table by Katalina. Originally from Poland, she’d spent quite a bit of time in Taiwan, eventually settling in Australia. Written a book on cultural differences, between who I wasn’t quite sure. Possibly Buddhism and Western philosophies. Didn’t seem to matter too much, conversation flowing along, content that I too was a pilgrim, albeit of a different type. On a journey rather more physical than others staying at the temple. And it was her who’d posed the God question. Think she found my answer just as perplexing.



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2 responses to “The God question”

  1. epicuris says:

    It’s a question you never understood?,probably a theme that is a bit bigger than a travel blog or did you as I suspect ponder it one day and work it all out,do enlighten us, we wait with baited breath.Just to give you a little help ,no, your answer is not perplexing just the run of the mill spill one gets when one has not looked to deeply into religious history or more importantly the Cosmos and philosophy,all three areas could convince you not to give such a weak response to a old age question.

  2. admin says:

    Amongst other things, the piece seeks to evoke thought, perhaps debate. I firmly believe the God Question, insofar as I’ve framed it, is a philosophical issue rather than one whose answer lies in history. And I’m pleased you’ve taken the trouble to comment – feedback is always appreciated.

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