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Borderline from Ken Roberts on Vimeo.

Ken reaches the border between Victoria and New South Wales. Almost equidistant along the coast road from Melbourne and Sydney, their respective State Capitals.



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2 responses to “Borderline”

  1. Roach87 says:

    Ken,would love to know how many kilometres you set yourself each day,how it takes its toll on yourself and your bike and how you cope with the long stretches of road which lay ahead?.’Cabin fever'(maybe the exact opposite ) while not the right phrase , must have a certain relevance.

  2. admin says:

    I think you’ll see a little more of this sort of detail once we get to the Alaskan blog posts – riding through the wilds into the Canadian Yukon, then south towards Seattle – some pretty big areas of wilderness. Should be pretty challenging. Starting, as it happens, in a couple of hours… I may be silent for a little while, depending on when I can pick up WiFi, but do keep the feedback coming, and, pray, do tell – are you a fellow Somerset resident, and have we corresponded, as I rather suspect, before?!

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